Stress Management and Wellbeing Workshop (May 2023)

In preparation for the upcoming examination session, the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office organized a Stress Management and Wellbeing Workshop on 14 May. This workshop aimed to equip students with effective strategies to manage stress, promote mental well-being, and enhance their overall performance during the exam period. It provided also a comprehensive approach to help them strike a balance between academic commitments and personal well-being. The workshop covered several essential components:

  1. Healthy Breathing Exercise: Participants learned breathing techniques to promote relaxation and reduce stress, enabling them to calm the mind, increase focus, and alleviate tension. 

  1. Stress Management: Students gained practical strategies to identify and manage stress effectively, including time management, goal setting, and establishing boundaries. 

  1. Mindfulness and Meditation: The workshop introduced mindfulness and meditation as powerful tools for cultivating mental well-being and enhancing concentration and self-awareness. 

  1. Mindfulness Philosophies: Students explored practical ways to live mindfully and balance stress every day, incorporating mindful practices into their routines and adopting a resilient mindset. 

  1. Overcoming Procrastination: Recognizing the common challenge of procrastination, the workshop provided insights and strategies to overcome this habit, helping students increase motivation, set realistic goals, and manage their time more effectively. 

  1. Relaxation Practice with Mindfulness: Participants engaged in relaxation exercises, such as progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery, to reduce tension and promote overall well-being. 

  1. Questions and Observations Sharing: The workshop concluded with an interactive session where students could ask questions, seek clarification, and share their experiences related to stress management and well-being. 

Overall, this Stress Management and Wellbeing Workshop provided students with practical tools and techniques to navigate the examination period with greater resilience, balance, and improved mental well-being.