Careers Office

The Natolin Careers Office aims to offer on-site, made-to-measure support and guidance in helping to shape the students’ professional paths and maintain and develop the alumni network.

We aim to equip students with relevant and practical career management tools, including a thorough understanding of their own strengths and competencies, an overview of the job market, and the ability to set realistic career goals, all backed with a smart CV, a credible social media profile, well-written covering letters and solid interview skills. These aims are achieved primarily through:

  • One-to-one career tutorials that cover topics from diagnosis of strengths and key competencies, career orientation, CV, and cover letter writing to job interview simulations.
  • Sector-specific career orientation sessions demonstrate an overview of the organizations and career opportunities in a particular sector, i.e., migration, human rights and development, climate and energy governance, etc.
  • Meet the professionals: meetings with alumni and other representatives of the key sectors of interest for the students to better understand the working environment and help with career planning.
  • Regular publishing of relevant, hand-picked job and internship offers on its LinkedIn profile and sharing offers from our partners directly through our alumni network.

The Natolin Careers Office, at the same time, aims to uphold and develop the relations within our extensive network of alumni through the organization of various activities and forms of cooperation.


Head of Office