Language requirements

Language requirements - European Interdisciplinary Studies (Natolin campus)

The working languages are English and French. Applicants should have a B2 minimum level for one working language and a B1 minimum level for the other.

The European Interdisciplinary Studies programme at the Natolin campus will accept a limited number of students with basic level French language skills (A2) under the following circumstances:

  • the students have a C1 level in English;
  • the students have an excellent academic background;
  • the students have a high motivation to improve their French language skills, so as to reach a B1 level (at least) during their studies at the College.

Language skills should be indicated on the online application form. French and English language levels are monitored during selection interviews and candidates should, when possible, supply recognised certificates or recommendation letters from language teachers showing language levels in relation to the Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR).

Generally, we prefer students to obtain external language certificates. All international language certificates are accepted as long as they indicate the Council of Europe's levels. Students may also supply a university certificate or a recommendation letter written by a language professor or teacher referring to the applicant's language levels in relation to the Council of Europe levels.

If a student cannot produce a language certificate before the closing date of applications, then they should please specify when they hope to obtain the certificate. For further information about the language requirements, candidates should e-mail: