Our offer

Summer Language Academy  English or French summer courses at an A2 and B1 level

These are intensive English and French language courses. They take place in August before the start of the academic year. They are designed to help students reach the required level of competency to take full advantage of the bilingual academic environment of the College. Learn more about the Summer Language Academy here.

Regular language classes during the academic year

They take place twice per week and are 60 minutes long. There are two semesters: September – December and January – April. We offer courses in the following languages: English, French, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and German (in cooperation with Goethe Institute). We deliver lessons at all CEFR levels (pre-A1 – C2). All participants must take a placement test (except beginner levels). Minimum group size is 6 participants. The lessons are delivered by our highly-qualified and experienced team of teachers with a proven track record in language teaching and a number of publications to share between them.

Language exams

In order to help our students meet their professional goals (Blue Book applications, EPSO competition, etc.) as well the demands of the job market, we offer two examination sessions: one in January and one in June each year. These examinations test all languages and levels of the courses which we provide. It is at each participants' discretion to indicate the level at which they wish to take the test. The tests correspond to the three core levels A, B and C as per the CEFR scale. All CEFR competencies are tested in these tests. We issue certificates based on the test results at levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. The tests are available to all Natolin students and staff. Examinations may be taken without prior course participation.

Polish Survival Course

A short, intensive course for those who have never learned Polish before which aims to prepare the participants for every-day situations in Poland. The participation in the course is voluntary. The course takes place in September.


These LSP (Language for Specific Purposes) courses are themed specialist courses with linguistic or cultural and linguistic content. These courses are available to all students and staff at the College of Europe in Natolin. The lessons focus on particular skills such as academic writing or try to prepare students for their study trips (linguistic-cultural aspects) and raise their awareness of the cultural differences they may encounter. The offer is tailored yearly to address the changing needs of the course participants.