Training for First Responders in Natolin

On 16 October 2022, the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office organized a training for the Student Social Committee and Student Representatives of the David Sassoli promotion, explaining their role as first responders in supporting students and the competencies it requires, the importance of active listening in the student community, the bystander's intervention and the spectrum of undesirable behavior: harassment and discrimination.

The training was facilitated by Ms Martyna MARKIEWICZ, diversity and anti-discrimination trainer.



The session was highly interactive, inviting students to speak from their perspectives, perform group activities and compare the results of their approaches. It also focused on where their role ends, their boundaries, well-being, sense of agency, the imperative to comply with the College of Europe in Natolin's policy of countermeasures against discrimination and harassment, and the importance of collaborating with the administration to implement countermeasures against discrimination and mobbing.