A Triumph of Cultural Fusion at the Belgian-Dutch Cultural Day 2024!

On 2 February 2024, Belgian and Dutch students, in cooperation with the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office (SAPDO), organized a highly successful celebration of their culture at the College of Europe in Natolin.

The day commenced with a visit to the National Museum in Warsaw, where students explored the current collection featuring works by Belgian and Dutch artists. Upon returning to campus in the afternoon, a food truck awaited them, offering Dutch stroopwafels.

Following this, a painting exhibition was organized in the student residence of Włodkowic, showcasing famous figures from the students' countries. Students passionately opened the exhibition, presenting the paintings and sharing their stories.

In the evening, the student restaurant in Natolin prepared a sumptuous dinner with recipes provided by students, inviting guests on a culinary adventure. The dinner was followed by a beer tasting in collaboration with the Brussels and Flanders regions. The beer tasting involved a game where participants ranked the tested beers, exploring different varieties and winning prizes. This provided a more in-depth discovery of Belgian beers and offered an immersive experience.

To conclude the evening, a Cantus took place, inviting all participants to gather around for a beer, sing songs, and engage in communication. SAPDO congratulates the students for such a successful cultural showcase and expertly organized festivities.