19 Apr 2023

"A Unique Ukrainian Crash Course" Workshop by Dr Wojciech SOSNOWSKI and Dr Maciej JASKOT

From 19:45 till 21:15
Paderewski Hall
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

Please note: the in-person portion of this workshop was preceded by online sessions, occurring 12-18 April 2023.

The Languages and Intercultural Dialogue Office (LIDO) at Natolin offered a short intensive course aimed at preparing participants for everyday situations that require competencies in Ukrainian language and culture. The course was based on a flipped methodology of cultural-linguistic education - it combined linguistic elements with cultural context and focused on Ukrainian culture, history, and contemporary life.

Responsible for the online component was Dr Wojciech SOSNOWSKI, while the onsite presenter was Dr Maciej JASKOT, both language professors at LIDO.

During the online phase (on MS Teams) prior to the on-site session, students received materials such as vocabulary, quizzes in English about Ukraine, grammar structures, and pronunciation tips, while the on-site time focused on communication tasks, role-playing, and other pursuits that required reflective thinking.

The course included 7 days of online assignments followed by 2,5 hours on-site.

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