Video Highlights from Natolin 'Borderlands' First Semester Study Trips #NatolinOnTour

From 25 September to 2 October 2022, Natolin students of the David Sassoli Promotion embarked upon their first-semester study trips under the overarching theme "Borderlands: Peripheries have much to teach the center".

Now we have the pleasure of inviting you to watch the video highlights of these trips and listen to participants' impressions and takeaways.

This academic year, students set off to three destinations and explored the following topics:

  • "The many Silesias – identities, memories, transitions" (Katowice – Sosnowiec – Zabrze – Cieszyn – Opole – Wrocław – Łódź)
  • "Podlasie-Suwalszczyzna, the Belarusian-Lithuanian-Polish borderlands – coexistence in a multicultural mosaic" (Białystok – Supraśl – Tykocin – Sokółka – Bohoniki – Kruszyniany – Krynki – Białowieża – Sejny – Krasnogruda)
  • "Galicia – a laboratory of myths" (Kraków – Tarnów – Bóbrka – Rzeszów – Łańcut – Przemyśl – Bełżec)

Study Trips at the College of Europe in Natolin

The study trips are an integral part of the European Interdisciplinary Studies academic programme. Each academic year they are organised twice, one in each semester.

To learn more about the past and upcoming activities in each destination, please visit our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages, as well as our Youtube channel – look for #natolinontour, #borderlands, and #NatolinOnVlog.