We Natolinians for Ukrainians: update on actions and initiatives

The College of Europe in Natolin stands firmly with Ukraine and Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion. Members of the Natolin Community are doing all they can to help the refugees. To coordinate various student and staff initiatives a special task force has been formed and it is meeting on a daily basis. A special bulletin is also published regularly to streamline communications and facilitate coordination.

On Thursday, 3 March 2022, Natolin students organised a community gathering to present their opinions and share emotions about the war in Ukraine. They agreed on the need to organise themselves to assist those fleeing the war. In the next days students established an on-campus collection of products to cover the basic needs of people displaced already in the first days following the invasion. Three cars-full of goods were dispatched to the Polish-Ukrainian border. In the next step they set up an online collection and held a charity cookie and cake sale which brought a total of ca. 10.000 Euro. All the funds have been donated by the student community towards assistance for Ukrainians affected by the war.

We Natolinians Initiative We Natolinians Initiative  

Also, the staff of the College of Europe in Natolin provides assistance by offering shelter and basic needs’ products to Ukrainian members of the Natolin Community, i.e. alumni and professors, displaced as a result of the war. To date, some 20 people have been helped in this manner. Also, assistance in finding longer-term accommodation is provided. You too can support one of the causes. By clicking below you can contribute towards renovation of a home in Warsaw for some 20 women and children.

Our staff members are also very actively engaged in a variety of actions. Some work as volunteers at reception points, others are serving as interpreters at the Polish-Ukrainian border or translating documents for refugees in Warsaw. Many students and staff of the College of Europe in Natolin volunteer at the Polish-Ukrainian border and in the reception centres in and around Warsaw.

If you want to learn more about the "We Natolinians for Ukrainians" task force, we invite you to regularly consult our website where we will be publishing more updates.