Thomas Demmelhuber is Professor of Middle East Politics and Society at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg. Before he was Assistant Professor for Political Science at the University of Hildesheim (2012-2015). His PhD in 2008 on EU-Egyptian relations was awarded with the German Middle East Studies Association’s dissertation prize for best PhD in Middle Eastern studies. Demmelhuber’s research focuses on state, power and politics in the Middle East from a comparative perspective including international actors such as the European Union. Demmelhuber has published/edited numerous books, e.g. in 2018, he co-edited, together with Tobias Schumacher and Andreas Marchetti, The Routledge Handbook on European Neighbourhood Policy. Recent publications include: Playing the regional card: why and how authoritarian gravity centres exploit regional organizations, in: Third World Quarterly, vol. 40 (3) 2019 (together with Marianne Kneuer, Raphael Peresson and Tobias Zumbrägel) and Decentralization in the Arab world: Conceptualizing the role of neopatrimonial networks, in: Mediterranean Politics, 2018, online first (together with Roland Sturm and Erik Vollmann).

Email: Thomas.demmelhuber [at]