Włoskie Spacery po Warszawie (transl. “Italian Walks in Warsaw”): A Captivating Publication Unveiling Cultural Ties

The long-awaited book Włoskie Spacery po Warszawie (transl. “Italian Walks in Warsaw”), was finally published on 25 March 2024.

It is a unique book-guide the fruit of many years of cooperation between the College of Europe in Natolin and the Embassy of the Italian Republic in Warsaw. The main theme of this publication are the cultural ties between Warsaw and Italy, which are reflected in the architecture and art of many emblematic sites of Warsaw.

The publication includes nine texts written by well-known Polish intellectuals: Ms Hanna DZIELIŃSKA, Dr Marta GOŁĄBEK, Dr Jacek GŁAŻEWSKI, Dr Mikołaj GETKA-KENIG, Ms Joanna KILIAN-MICHIELETTI, Prof. Małgorzata OMILANOWSKA-KILJAŃCZYK, Ms Beata CHOMĄTOWSKA, Mr Piotr HUMMEL, Dr Przemysław PAZIK.

In the book, Italian heritage is referred not only in an artistic but also in a broader - political and social - context. This intellectual journey on the Italian trail in the Polish capital begins at the Natolin Palace and ends at the Szlenkier Palace in Warsaw, the seat of the Embassy of the Italian Republic. The next stops on the itinerary are: Wilanów, Łazienki Królewskie, the Royal Route, the Old Town and Muranów. During this peculiar viaggio intellettuale, the reader will meet artists and rulers, founders and reformers, architects and designers, whose fates intertwine to create a history of mutual fascination between Poland and Italy.

The book is part of the "Veni Vidi Amici" project, which is inspired by the esprit de Natolin. It combines education, culture, and dialogue – values that have always been at Natolin’s core. The project allows for multi-format meetings and publications. The book, which is available for now only in Polish, was published by Bosz Publishing House.