Workshop on Diplomatic Protocol with Mr François BRUNAGEL

Occurring over two consecutive days from 24 October 2023, the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office (SAPDO) offered a Workshop on Diplomatic Protocol to the students in the Natolin Winter Garden. During this comprehensive workshop, attending students gained tools and knowledge in the art of protocol and event management, focusing on:

  • Discovery of the History and Philosophy of Protocol
  • Understanding of the Importance of Protocol, Ceremonial, and Etiquette 
  • Learning of the Rules and Practices for Effective Protocol Usage
  • Exploring the World of Precedencies and Their Basic Principles
  • Gain Insights into Institutional Precedencies Outside the EU
  • Grasp the Essentials of Official Communication

...and many more tangible Diplomacy-orientated skills.

About the speaker:

After a career in the EU institutions over 42 years, Mr François BRUNAGEL has retired to his region of origin, Alsace-Lorraine, and is presently the ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the Council of Europe.

Besides several voluntary commitments, he is - inter alia - the Chairman of the “Cercle européen”, the diplomatic circle of Strasbourg, and a member of the management board of the French Protocol Network. Having started working at the European Economic Community (EEC) when it included only its initial 6 member states, he left the EU when it incorporated 28 member states, after having witnessed the full evolution of the European project. In his various positions - in the cabinet of three Presidents of the European Parliament, he had the opportunity to express his skills and ability for organisation, linked with a strong sense of the importance of the European institutions.

This event is part of a long series of events offered to Natolin students in each given academic year, running concurrent with the academic offer. For a keen insight into other events organised to the students' benefit, please consult our website section: Student life in Natolin.