Workshop on EU Media and Communication with Mr David LODDER

The College of Europe in Natolin hosted a dynamic workshop on EU Media and Communication on 3 February 2024, organized by the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office.

Designed to empower students with specialized knowledge in EU policies and policymaking, the workshop aimed to cultivate effective communication strategies amidst the backdrop of important EU developments, including the upcoming EU elections in 2024.

In an era where communication plays a pivotal role in shaping policy-making and fostering citizen engagement, the workshop delved into the intricacies of EU communication, offering participants insights into crafting impactful communication strategies. Topics covered included identifying target audiences, creating compelling content, navigating political sensitivities, and addressing media challenges, including the "Donald Duck Dilemma."

Led by lecturer and Communication Specialist, Mr David LODDER, the workshop provided students with a comprehensive understanding of EU media relations and practical skills in writing effective press releases. Through interactive sessions, participants were guided through developing communication strategies tailored to the upcoming EU elections and crafting their own press releases on topical policy files.

Reflecting on the workshop's objectives, effective communication is indispensable in fostering transparency, understanding, and engagement in EU democracy. This workshop aimed to equip students with the necessary tools to navigate the complex landscape of EU media and communication, empowering them to become effective communicators and advocates for EU policies.

About the speaker

Mr David LODDER is a Lecturer and Communication Specialist at the Directorate General for Communication of the European Parliament. He designs and gives lectures on the functioning of the EU and the European Parliament to a wide array of audiences, including local politicians, industry representatives, students, and lobby groups. He also develops communication strategies and organizes public events such as Europe Day and the European Youth Event (EYE). \

In his previous role as a press and communication officer at the European Commission, he worked on communication campaigns and press materials to promote European research and innovation policy. He holds an International Master’s in Economy, State, and Society from University College London, as well as a Master's Degree in European Interdisciplinary Studies from the College of Europe in Natolin.