For any communication concerning the activities listed below, please send an email to the Careers Office (Elena TURCI). 

The Careers Office of the College of Europe (Bruges) offers many services to all kinds of organisations, in the public, private or non for-profit sectors. 

  • Circulating vacancies among students and alumni: you can always send vacancies for dissemination directly to the Careers Office via email ( The vacancy will be shared with alumni and current students. All offers are reviewed before they are advertised in order to ensure that they indeed correspond to the profile and needs of the College graduates and abide by the applicable recruitment rules. The College of Europe reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that does not meet these criteria. 

  • Hosting events in Bruges: at the College we would be happy to welcome you for a workshop followed by a networking moment with the students, depending on the availability of time and spaces.

  • Hosting events at your premises: we can support you in case you want to organise a study visit or a reception at your premises.  

  • Participation to Roundtables in Bruges: especially in the second semester, the Career Office organises different roundtables with expert and practitioners to talk with the students about their professional fields. In particular, the roundtables are about consultancies, financial sectors, non profit sector. Should you be willing to participate, you can flag your interests by writing to the Careers Office. 

  • Networking Night: this event is reserved for graduates of the College of Europe. Generally, it is organised in the month of February. Invitations are sent normally in January. 

  • Nano projects: the Career Office is trying to expand the service by offering hands-on opportunities to students. Organisations can propose a “nano project”, simulating the activities of the organisation and resulting in one output (a brief, a strategy, a ppt, a background note etc) to be created by a multidisciplinary student team and to be evaluated by the organisation. This activity would allow students to acquire competences and would allow employers to spot some potential good matches.

  • CV Database: The CVs database is open every year from January to December and contains the CVs and digital profiles of the students of the current promotion from both Natolin and Bruges campuses. You can use the CV Database to identify and contact students for an interview or to offer them professional opportunities.  The database allows you to search specific “profiles” using  a word/certain parameters (professional and academic background, languages spoken, etc). The CV Database is also used by organisations participating in the Career Days to identify students they would like to meet in person during the event. 

  • Career Days (every year in the month of March): organisations joining us can interview students (either those who they have preselected via the CV database or have "walk-in" slots), host walk-in sessions and talks. Participation can be tailored to specific needs. Each firm has a private room or a place in the “Fair” area, unlimited refreshments, internet access, logistical support, and can display informative materials. A networking lunch is organised. All information will be available in due time here.