For any communication concerning the activities listed below, please send an email to the Careers Office (Elena TURCI)

Advertising job vacancies and internship offers

Recruiters are invited to contact the Careers Office if they wish to advertise any job vacancy or training opportunity. These offers may be made available to current College students (via email, College Intranet) and/or College alumni, in particular by posting them on the website of the Alumni Association of the College of Europe.

Such advertising is free of charge. It can be requested by sending an email, with the advertisement in attachment (if possible in MS Word format), to the Careers Office.

It should be noted that all offers are reviewed before they are advertised in order to ensure that they indeed correspond to the profile and needs of the College graduates and abide by the applicable recruitment rules. The College of Europe reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that does not meet these criteria.

CV database

Each year, the Careers Office gives the students currently attending the College (in both the Bruges and Natolin/Warsaw campuses) the possibility of adding their CVs to a database

This database is designed in such a way that recruiters can then base their searches on different criteria (academic background, work experience, language proficiency, etc.) and thus obtain the CVs of students whose individual profile best matches their expectations.

The database is open in the month of January and accessible during one civil year (until 31 December). A request for access may be submitted to the Careers Office by email.

As for the job offers, and also due to reasons relating to the protection of private data, the College reviews requests for access to the database. In particular, only a company conducting a recruitment drive to fill its own vacancies and not as an intermediary will be allowed to access the database.

Information sessions by recruiters

Recruiters are invited to introduce themselves to students during the academic year.

These sessions take place mainly in the early evening and usually last one hour.

Depending on the circumstances (purpose of the presentation, constraints of academic schedules), a session held in one campus may be relayed to the other campus by video conference.

Career days

Career days are an opportunity for recruiters to come to the College campus in Bruges, in order to hold selection interviews with students in the hope of filling either a job vacancy or an internship. In the case of students attending the Natolin (Warsaw) campus, these may be interviewed from Bruges via video conference.

Recruiters registered for such days are therefore invited to consult the database of student CVs (see above). It is then up to them to contact the shortlisted students to set up an appointment on the planned day, since the Careers Office is not involved in the organisation of these interviews.

Holding the interviews on a "random" basis can also be envisaged. In such a case, the Careers Office asks students expressing an interest for a company to sign up for an interview with the latter without having been previously selected.

This year, Career days will take place on 24 March 2022. In order to be invited, recruiters should send an email to the Careers Office.

Recruiters will receive an invitation email with the link to register online, at the beginning of year 2021 (after the Christmas Break).

If unavailable on the planned dates, companies are invited to contact the Careers Office to identify alternative dates based on the academic calendar.

Networking evenings

Networking evenings are an opportunity to put students in contact, in an informal setting, with practitioners so that the latter can share their experiences, advice, information, and so on and so forth. Even though most participants are College Alumni, any recruiter who would like to attend these evenings in order to promote his or her company is welcome.

This year the Networking Evening will take place in January 2021 from 20.00 to 22.00.

An invitation will be send just before the Christmas Break.