Digital Transformation Nest: Deep dive into Artificial Intelligence

This week, Natolin students participating in the Digital Transformation Nest had the opportunity to participate in two workshops focusing on Artificial Intelligence. The first one: "AI into practice- ChatGPT" delivered by Dr Paweł KOWALSKI offered an introduction to the principles of Artificial Intelligence and detailed examination of the ChatGPT platform. It also explored the mechanics of prompting in ChatGPT, as well as covered ChatGPT’s plugins and featured a demonstration of selected plugins followed by practical exercises.

Second workshop “Will a Creative Society Lose? About the Future of Work and Economy with Artificial Intelligence” by Prof. Sebastian PŁÓCIENNIK from the Center for Eastern Studies (OSW) analysed the potential effects of AI on the labour market and – in a more general view – on the functioning of economic systems. The workshop began with a historical overview of artificial intelligence, including the basic concepts such as machine learning or large language models. It also explored which sectors of the labour market will be most affected by AI expansion, as well as what benefits and threats are associated with it.