Natolin students participate in the simulation game "The Congress of Vienna"

On 6 January 2017, Natolin students participated in the simulation game "The Congress of Vienna" as part of the course Geopolitics and Diplomacy in Europe: from Constantinople to Rome taught by Professor Richard BUTTERWICK-PAWLIKOWSKI. The students were assigned the roles of the delegations of nine countries: Russia, Prussia, Austria, Britain, France, Denmark, Saxony, Württemberg and Bavaria.

In 1814-1815, in the wake of more than two decades of Revolutionary and Napoleonic war, Europe had changed dramatically. Natolin students put themselves in the shoes of the royal heads of Europe and their ministers, and were tasked with negotiating the terms of the peace treaty and redrawing the map of Europe.

The aim of the simulation game was not to replicate the "real" Treaty resulting from the Congress of Vienna, but rather to understand better both the issues at stake for those involved at the Congress and the challenge of finding a lasting resolution to problems resulting from more than two decades of upheaval in Europe.