Erasmus App

The Erasmus App is part of the European Student Card Initiative, which aims to facilitate student mobility procedures under the Erasmus + program. It has been developed under the 30 Years of Erasmus Campaign and is being further enhanced.

The aim of the application is to become the single point of entry for participants to access information on Erasmus+ opportunities, as well as to guide them through the processes surrounding their mobility and give them access to information and services.

It may provide you with the following:

  • easy access to the information and services you need throughout your mobility program and about mobility opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ programme;
  • electronic submission of the mobility application/documents;
  • agreeing and signing learning agreements;
  • direct access to the On-line Linguistic Support language system (OLS);
  • easy access to a set of information about the hosting organization and its surroundings.

As a learner, you will also be warmly invited to share tips and stories on how to make the most of an Erasmus+ experience to build the ER+ community.

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Technical requirements: The application can be installed e.g. on a phone; it could be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store or online:

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