New publication by Dr Andriy TYUSHKA

Dr Andriy TYUSHKA, Senior Research Fellow in the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair at the College of Europe in Natolin, just published a chapter in the edited volume titled Dynamics of Contemporary Constitutionalism in Eurasia: Local Legacies and Global Trends, which appeared with the BWV Verlag in the book series of the Institute for East European Law (IOR München).  

Dr TYUSHKA’s chapter addresses the problems of constitutional order, contentious constitutional politics and participatory constitutional change in Ukraine since the 1990s. Essentially drawing on the practices of all too frequent constitutional change in Ukraine, their legality and legitimacy aspects, this chapter also grounds the empirical discussion in a broader theoretical framework of contentious and revolutionary constitutionalist approaches, not least deliberating on the challenges of such a contention along the lines of liberal-democratic vs. authoritarian and popular vs. populist constitutionalisms for constitutional modernization and stability first and foremost in Ukraine but also in select countries of the EU and its neighbourhoods.