​La Voix du Collège is there for students who enjoy writing about the EU or any other topic or just want to share a story with their fellow students. The dedicated team of students of the Mário Soares Promotion is happy to publish contributions on any topic our students feel passionate about.

The editorial team decided to dedicate this academic year to the promotion of student well-being, most importantly to their physical and mental health in these challenging times. Soaristas who would like to share their experiences or coping strategies, can contact their College newspaper at any time!


​​Suggested wordcount

  • News: 500 words
  • Academia : about 1000 words
  • Opinion: 500 - 1.000 words
  • Creative writing: 1.200
  • L'esprit du Collège (College and Brugges lifestyle): 500 - 1.000 words
  • Students' associations: 500 words

For any student association that would want to present its team and program for the year, do not hesitate to send a short presentation to La Voix du Collège!

​Working languages

The editors are calling for articles in the working languages of the College English and French, BUT are open to articles in other languages in order to represent the enriching language diversity at the College of Europe!


​Students can send their articles to

​LVdC is looking forward to receive all those great contributions!

Yours sincerely,
The Editorial Team of La Voix du Collège

General News


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