Press officer Bruges campus

Caroline.vandenbussche [at]

Press officer Natolin (Warsaw) campus

Marek RYBAK,
Marek.Rybak [at]

Kindly inform the press officers of all College related press articles published and pictures used.
In order to maintain good press relations, the journalist’s contact details are added to our press database. If you prefer not to be informed on the College of Europe’s activities, please refer to it in your message.

Interviews with Jörg MONAR, Rector of the College of Europe; Ewa OSNIECKA-TAMECKA, Vice-Rector, College of Europe, Natolin (Warsaw) campus, academic staff and students can usually be arranged. Please contact the press officers.

We invite you to consult our College videos for an overview of our work and activities.

Much information can be found by consulting the College of Europe brochure.

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College logo

The College of Europe logo consists of a stylised "b" (for "Bruges", the Campus in Belgium) to the left and an "N" (for "Natolin" (Warsaw), the Campus in Poland) to the right. Both letters are intertwined with an "E" (for "Europe") and surmounted by historical crowns.

The name is written in English and French, the two working languages at the College.

Digital versions:

Please find several formats of the College of Europe logo.

We kindly request that you ask our permission to use them, indicating purpose.

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