Publication by Dr Andriy TYUSHKA, Senior Research Fellow in the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair

Dr Andriy TYUSHKA, Senior Research Fellow in the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair at the College of Europe in Natolin, has just co-edited (with Prof. David Phinnemore from the Queen’s University Belfast) a JCMS Symposium on the “Joint Institutional Frameworks in EU Bilateral Agreements”

The Symposium, which appeared with the JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies, makes a case for studying the joint institutional frameworks (JIFs) in variegated EU trade and trade-based bilateral agreements as well as it conceptualizes them, including the notion of ‘joint bodies’, and explores the operation of JIFs in distinct policy contexts. To that end, the Symposium gathered four articles looking into the notion of JIFs in EU external relations law and policy (co-authored by A. Tyushka, D. Phinnemore, and W. Weiß), the operation of joint bodies under the EU’s strategic partnerships with India and Japan (authored by L. Czechowska), the power and performance of the association bodies under the EU’s association agreements with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine (authored by A. Tyushka), and the limits of joint institutional frameworks as explored in the cases of private and informal governance arrangements under the EU’s sectoral agreements with Switzerland and the UK (authored by S. Eckert). The contributions to this Symposium, thus, address both contemporary policy developments in EU external relations and theoretical debates in political science and international institutional law while focusing on the transversal nature of joint bodies, rules, and principles, as well as special procedures that govern the EU’s strategic interactions with partners in the region and further afield.

The JCMS Symposium articles can be accessed here, here, here, and here.