Sports and Recreation at Natolin in the Academic Year 2021/22

dfdfThroughout the academic year 2021/22, the students at Natolin supplemented their curricular activities with a wide array of sporting pursuits. These communal activities provided an opportunity for greater integration of the student body, while also providing a welcome distraction from the rigour of their studies.

The most popular sporting activity was football, played consistently across the year by the students at the campus football pitch. The Natolin team also took part in two local tournaments in Warsaw, and an account of their successful footballing season can be found here.

sdfsdfsdfAt the request of the students, regular classes in yoga and dance were organised by the administration on campus premises, beginning in the first and second semesters respectively. Yoga took place twice weekly until the conclusion of the academic year, and dance classes occurred once per week (2-hour sessions every Saturday).

Another sporting activity which proved popular on campus was volleyball. Frequent volleyball matches took place in the campus quadrangle, when the weather permitted for the installation of a volleyball net (belonging to the students). 

sdgfsdSeparately, the students made full use of the sporting infrastructure located in the surrounding area of the Natolin campus for other sporting activities. Students regularly attended the local gyms, played basketball at the nearby outdoor courts, went swimming in a local swimming pool, and made use of a rock-climbing facility. Several students from Natolin also ran the Warsaw half-marathon in March 2022.