14-18 commemoration

The College of Europe commemorates the 100th anniversary of World War I

College of Europe Activities:

  • 28/10/2014: Belgium remembers in Nieuport and Ypres.
    Two students of the Bruges campus (1 native German and 1 native English student) will read out loud a poem or a letter from a fallen soldier during this high-level event attended by the King and Queen of Belgium and representatives of the countries who participated in WWI. 
  • 17/10/2014: '14-'18 Events - The Light Front (only open to a limited number of College of Europe students)
    10,000 participants will light up the front line as it existed at the time of the cease-fire in the autumn of 1914.

  • 17/09/2014: Study trip to "Flanders Fields" (only for College of Europe students)
    WWI is a decisive event for understanding Europe in the twentieth century and thus European integration itself. However this conflict remains relatively unknown in studies of the European Union, probably because EU integration is closely related to the end of the Second World War. During the commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the Great War the College aims to contribute to developing a European point of view on this event.

  • 16/09/2014: Examining Belgian and German Schoolbooks on WWI: a Historians' debate. (Open to the public)
    The event aims to establish a debate between historians and social scientists from different countries in order to analyse the teaching of the First World War as the historical memories of the war in different European states.
  • 11/09/2014: Projection of the film ‘Paths of Glory’ by Stanley Kubrick (only for College of Europe students) 


  • 14-18: The War in Pictures - Bruges at war (website)
  • EXPO 14-18: It's our history! (website)
  • Flanders Fields 2014-18: The Great War Centenary (website)
  • .BE: Commemoration of the First World War in Belgium (website)
  • European Project: The Great War remembered (website)
  • Westtour: 100 jaar Groote Oorlog (Dutch website)

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