Governing Bodies, Administration and the Academic Council

Vice-Rector Ewa OŚNIECKA-TAMECKA and Rector Federica MOGHERINI

​The College of Europe was established in 1949 in Bruges in Belgium. Since 1992 the College has operated on two campuses in two host countries, in Bruges (Belgium) and in Natolin (Poland). They are administered by their respective governing bodies, respectively under Belgian and Polish legislation. In all academic matters, they act under the governance of a single Academic Council.

The Bruges campus (Belgium)

The Administrative Council, presided by Mr Herman VAN ROMPUY, includes representatives of the two host countries and of European governments. It is the highest decision-making authority, and is responsible for the implementation of the College’s objectives. The Executive Committee, elected by the Administrative Council and reporting to it, ensures sound financial and administrative management.

Members Administrative Council 
Members Executive Committee

The College of Europe has the mission to contribute to the construction of Europe and to good relations between the European Union and its major international partners. It does so primarily by the provision of advanced Master programmes combining excellence in teaching with a unique European student living experience. The College further serves this mission by scholarly contributions on key issues of European cooperation and integration, the provision of high-level executive training and the organisation of high-profile public events on topical European issues.

Members of staff are expected to serve the College’s mission with professional dedication, a spirit of pro-active collegiality and all the mutual respect which the contribution of each member of staff to the common mission deserves. Every department and service is expected to give full consideration to its own role in achieving the College’s mission and to regularly review this role in the light of possible improvements.

The Natolin campus in Warsaw (Poland)

The Natolin Campus has been governed since 2001 by an Executive Board which ensures its sound financial and administrative management. Its members include representatives from the host country and the Rector and Vice-Rector of the College of Europe. Its Chairman is Prof. Jacek SARYUSZ-WOLSKI

Members Executive Board

The Rector & Vice-Rector

The Rector, Federica MOGHERINI, directs and coordinates the activities of the College of Europe and chairs the Academic Council. The Vice-Rector, Mrs Ewa OŚNIECKA-TAMECKA, is responsible for the management of the College of Europe Natolin Campus.

The Academic Council of the College of Europe

The Academic Council, which includes representatives of both campuses, ensures that College-wide education and training standards are maintained at a high level.


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