Books and articles by academic staff

  • What is Europe?

  • The EU political system after the 2019 European elections

  • EU Constitutional Law

  • Oxford Encyclopedia of EU Law

  • Article – Lessons from EU Space Programmes for Collective Defence

  • Article - The ‘European Green Deal’ – a paradigm shift? Transformations in the European Union’s sustainability meta-discourse

  • Article – From sneaking to striding : Combatting competence creep and consolidating the EU legislative process

  • Social Policy in the European Union

  • EU law and international investment arbitration

  • Article - Die Energiegemeinschaft

  • Article - Transatlantic relations and the challenges of climate change and the environment

  • Article - Ce que la théorie des champs nous dit de l’administration européenne (II) : les transformations du champ bureaucratique européen (2000-2020)

  • Article - Les transformations du champ administratif européen (2015-2021) : I. Théorie et organisations.

  • Article - Issue Politicization in the European Parliament. An Analysis of Parliamentary Questions for Oral Answer (2004-19)

  • Article - Following the Google shopping judgment, should we expect a private enforcement action?

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Two students from the Sassoli Promotion, Nina and Olivier, took the initiative to compile references (books, films, research) to delve deeper into the topic. Take a...