Research Papers

European Legal Studies

Research Papers in Law

The European Legal Studies Department publishes a series of research papers dedicated to the analysis of European Law including its national, international and comparative dimensions. The Research Papers in Law offer professors, academic assistants and students as well as external contributors a possibility to present and subject the results of their research to debate prior to their final publication in journals or books.

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European Political and Governance Studies

Bruges Political Research Papers

This series contributes to both theoretical and policy-oriented debates on all aspects of the politics of European integration. Submissions in both English and French are welcome.

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EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies

EU Diplomacy Papers

The Department publishes a series of working papers dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the EU’s external relations and external aspects of EU internal policies. The EU Diplomacy Papers offer a platform for debate to visiting professors, staff and students as well as external contributors.



Bruges Regional Integration & Global Governance Papers

Together with UNU-CRIS the Department co-publishes the BRIGG working papers dedicated to the study of the EU and other forms of regionalism or interregionalism from a comparative perspective, the role of regional organisations in global governance as well as these regions’ external relations and diplomacy.


EU-China Observer

The InBev-Baillet Latour Chair of European Union-China Relations publishes the electronic journal EU-China Observer which provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars and practitioners interested in exchanging ideas on current topics of EU-Chinese relations.

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European Economic Studies

Bruges European Economic Policy Briefings (BEEP)

The ‘Bruges European Economic Policy Briefings’ (BEEP) are policy-oriented economic papers which deal with important European issues. They are sent electronically to EU-officials, mainly economists, as well as academic economists specialised in European integration.



Bruges European Economic Research Papers (BEER)

The ‘Bruges European Economic Research Papers’ (BEER) are research-oriented papers. They are often much longer than the BEEP briefings and more technical in nature (e.g. econometrics, modelling, simulation). They are sent electronically, mainly to professors and other academic economists interested in economic research on the EU.


Bruges Series on European Business Cases (BSEBC)

The "Bruges Series on European Business Cases" (BSEBC) is a series of business-oriented case studies which analyze the two-way interaction between the European Union and business or non-profit enterprises in Europe. The BSEBC is meant to promote business education with a European dimension and is disseminated to a large number of EU-officials and scholars to encourage the use of case methods and discussions on key strategy and business issues for European businesses, management and EU public affairs. 

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