3rd EU internal market symposium at the Natolin (Warsaw) campus


Tuesday 24.03.09 09:00 to Wednesday 25.03.09 20:00


Natolin campus

The College of Europe organises the 3rd EU internal market symposium on the 24th and 25th of March 2009 at the Natolin (Warsaw) campus.

The formule of this symposium is that participants contribute to every session papers in all three leading disciplines on EU integration - European law, Economics of European integration and Political Science in the EU -

The symposium brings together specialists from all these disciplines to guarantee for a profound debate.

Session I - Product Market Reforms and the Better Functioning of the Internal Market.

Session II - Social dimension of European Market Integration.

Session III - Internal market for healthcare.

The symposium is concluded with a session on the problems of interest and identity of the EU Member States and their loyalties towards the Internal Market.