11 Mar 2019

Behind the public figure – Manuel MARÍN, the man

Room E

Dijver, Bruges campus
Dijver 11
8000 Bruges

Dijver, Bruges campus

The Hispanic Society of the College of Europe was proud to invite the students and alumni of the College of Europe to a private talk with Mrs ORTIZ, spouse of Manuel MARÍN, and two of Manuel MARÍN's former colleagues. 

The speakers were: 

  • Carmen ORTIZ, wife of Manuel MARÍN;
  • Santiago GOMEZ-REINO, chief of cabinet, alumnus and personal friend;
  • Manuel ARNAL, study friend and colleague at the European Commission.

They paid tribute to a great man, good friend and father, alumnus of the College of Europe, founding father of Erasmus and inspiring politician. 

"The first event of the Hispanic Society of the College of Europe has been a huge success. The closeness of the speakers, Carmen, Santiago and Manuel, has made the students laugh and cry. It is an honor for us to have Manuel Marín as the Promotion Patron and we are sure he would be proud to watch us from the other side of the galaxy."  
"El primer evento de la Sociedad Hispánica del Colegio de Europa ha sido un enorme éxito. La cercanía de los ponentes, Carmen, Santiago y Manuel, ha hecho a los estudiantes reír y llorar. Es un honor para nosotros tener a Manuel Marín como Patrón de Promoción y estamos seguros de que estará feliz observándonos desde el otro lado de la galaxia," 
said the organising committee.

For more information, please contact student Yasmine RMIKI GHZIEL.

Talk "Behind the public figure – Manuel MARÍN, the man".Hispanic Society.11 March 2019

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