Launch of the second edition of the European Health Parliament


Wednesday 09.12.15


European Parliament & Google offices
1000 Brussels

“Ten College’s students from the Chopin promotion participated in the second edition of the European Health Parliament”

On 9 December 2015, ten students from the College of Europe joined a plenary session aimed at starting the work of the second edition of the European Health Parliament (EHP). It took place in Brussels, within the premises of the European Parliament and later on at the Google’s offices.

What is the European Health Parliament? This ambitious project aims at connecting innovative spirits both from the professional healthcare area and from the College of Europe. Apart from our ten College students, there are forty other participants working in the Brussels area in the European Parliament and the European Commission, as well as in NGOs, trade associations, industry, hospitals, patients’ organisations. All will regularly meet in order to draft policy recommendations, which will be published in mid-2016. The recommendations will address various hotly debated topics such as “climate change and healthcare” or “digital skills for the medical profession”.

The project is supported by prestigious partners such as EU 40, a network of young Members of the European Parliament, Johnson & Johnson, Google, and Politico. The work delivered by the participants of the first edition, with the strong involvement of twelve College of Europe students, did not go unnoticed.

Indeed, last year’s EHP President Magdalena KALATA, and two chairs of the EHP (including the College of Europe student Yasemin ŞENER) met with the Health Commissioner, Mr. Vytenis ANDRIUKAITIS, to present the EHP policy recommendations. 

There is no doubt that this year again, innovative thinking will help to create and support new exiting policy recommendations!

Who are the Chopin students who will participate in the second edition of the EHP ?






LENGLET Guillaume

NOEL Julien



WISLOCKI Anne-Sophie

The academic assistants involved in the project are Brice CRISTOFORETTI and Laurie ANDRIEU.


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