15 Oct 2019

Library Talks Series: Hannah ARENDT and Imre KERTÉSZ on the 'banality of evil'

Room E

Paul Henri Spaak building
Dijver 11
8000 Bruges

Dijver, Bruges campus

On Tuesday 15 October 2019, students and citizens of Bruges attended an evening lecture as part of the newly created Library Talks Series. The idea being to put our new Promotion Patron Hannah Arendt in the spotlight. The first lecture titled: "Hannah Arendt and Imre Kertész on the ‘Banality of Evil’ ", focused on the ethical side of the philosophy of the German-American political theorist.

Professor Didier POLLEFEYT from the KU Leuven gave the audience an insight into three paradigms in the moral understanding of the Holocaust. Dr Fransiska LOUWAGIE from the University of Leicester focused on the ideas of the Hungarian novelist and Nobel Prize winner Imre KERTÉSZ, who was a survivor of the German concentration camps.

These two distinguished specialists in the field attracted an audience of around 70 people, who had an opportunity to raise their critical questions following the lecture.      

Mélanie CARRERE-FONTANA, a French LAW student of our Hannah Arendt Promotion 2019-2020, shared her thoughts on the lecture: "It was very interesting, especially to learn more about the Patron of our Promotion. It was a nice and confronting experience to hear more about the original vision of Hannah ARENDT on the Holocaust and to see how her ideas differ from and contrast with what we have all learned at school about the Second World War."

One of the goals of the Library Talks Series, besides the focus on the ideas and life of Hannah ARENDT, is to lead people from outside the College of Europe to the impressive collection of books and electronic resources on European integration available in our library.

During the summer period, local students preparing for their resit exams could already make use of the infrastructure at Dijver. The next step is to give the general public the opportunity to explore information in the library and the European Documentation Centre and raise their profound questions about Europe with us. 

Library Talks Series "Hannah Arendt and Imre Kertész on the Banality of Evil.15 October 2019

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