27 Jan 2021

MIND THE GAP! Final Conference of the Simulation Game (POL Department)

From 16:00 till 18:30

8000 Bruges


On Wednesday 27 January 2021, the POL Department organised the Final conference of the Simulation Game, for which key players involved in the Gender Pay Gap Transparency Directive were invited. Addressed to POL students only, the conference was held on Webex.

Organised in the framework of the simulation exercise of the Department of European Political and Governance Studies, the event brought to a close the 3-week-long negotiations by the students, and provided an opportunity to both test and present the outcome of the simulation to the policy-makers involved in the real-life negotiations on the file. 

The panel of the conference was composed of the following speakers:

  • Evelyn REGNER, MEP S&D, Chair of the FEMM Committee, European Parliament
  • Henrike VON PLATEN, CEO/Founder Fair Pay Innovation Lab GmbH
  • Lesia RADELICKI, Member of Cabinet of the Commissioner for Equality, European Commission
  • Arnaud THYSEN, Director General, European Business Summit
  • Paul REIDERMAN, Director for Employment, Social Policy and Health, Council of the EU

For more information, please contact Pauline THINUS or Oriane GILLOZ

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