Modern Art Exhibition curated by College of Europe students and School of Arts Gent


Friday 06.03.15 19:00


Verversdijk, Bruges campus
Verversdijk 16
8000 Brugge

On 6 March 2015 two worlds meet each other in the spaces of the College of Europe in Bruges. Inspired by the 2015 TEDx College of Europe Theme "Why Not" students from the School of Arts KASK (Hogeschool Gent) and the College of Europe have collaborated to create the first modern art exhibition in the College open to the public of Bruges. 

The exhibition will showcase the work of: Liese-Lore AVERMAETE, Nienke BAECKELANDT, Julien FIELD, Oona ROBIN, Fleur PERNEEL, Simon VAN HONACKER and others. A number of students from the College will work hand in hand with the artists on the implementation.

Opening night will commence at 19:00 on 6 March 2015 at College of Europe Verversdijk campus. The exhibition will be accessible to the public of Bruges and can be visited until 22 March 2015: studends from the College will provide guided tours every Wednesday (4 pm) and Saturday (3 pm) to an interested public. 

For more information on the programme and the guided tours visit the TEDx website. If you would like to volunteer or take a guided tour please contact us.

Your College of Europe Art Committee