24 May 2018

Sharing Europe, 70 years of the European Movement

From 24/05 till 25/05

The Hague

The College of Europe is delighted to be Content Partners for the Sharing Europe festival, held in The Hague to mark the 70th anniversary of the 1948 Congress of Europe.

Just as in 1948, Europe is at a crossroad, facing challenges of existential nature. 70 years ago Europeans from all sides of society and from across the political spectrum gathered at The Hague to work towards a united and democratic future for our continent. The Sharing Europe festival is an opportunity to once again bring together citizens from across Europe to reinvigorate European dialogue in search of answers to our common challenges.

At such a time, it should not fall only upon our political leaders to present their political vision; the people of Europe should be given the opportunity to have their voice heard. Therefore, we hope you will join us for two days of inspiring debates and visions for the future of Europe that we share.

On the Sharing Europe website you will be able to register and read more about the event and the programme and find out about the lead-up that is happening all over Europe.

We look forward to seeing you in The Hague on 24 & 25 May 2018.

About the event:

Every 10 years, the European Movement International and the City of The Hague host the commemoration of the famous Congress of Europe, which lay the foundations for European integration and the foundation of the European Movement. (Read more on the history of this event on our website)

To mark the 70th anniversary of The Hague Congress the European Movement is gathering together citizens movements from across Europe, stakeholders representing society at large, political parties, academia, business, trade unions, youth organisations, local government, environmental movements etc.. We want to recreate the spirit of 1948, gather in a sense of optimism and purpose to discuss and debate the future direction Europe needs to take to meet the social, economic, environmental and geopolitical challenges of our time.

The two-day festival will put citizens at the centre of debates, open spaces for constructive dialogue, especially about topics that currently divide Europe. It will engage beyond these divides and contribute to building the future together.

Read more about the event here.

The full programme is also available here.

For any questions about this event please email mads.hvid@europeanmovement.eu.

* Your personal data will be processed in accordance with out privacy policy for events. Please note that during the event pictures may be taken which can be used for publication. In case you do not want to appear on such pictures, please mention this to the event organiser.