Study trip of the European Legal Studies Department to the European Institutions


Monday 13.02.17 to Wednesday 15.02.17

As the yearly tradition goes, the Department of European Legal Studies organised its three-day study trip to the European Institutions.

This year, from 13-16 February 2017, the students of the Department of European Legal Studies had the opportunity to follow a very full programme of visits including the following institutions: various Directorates of the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the European Stability Mechanism and the EFTA Court.

During these visits, the students gained an invaluable insight into the everyday work and case handling experience of Commission officials,  had the opportunity to attend a hearing at the ECJ of a case which they had followed and studied in the framework of their courses, while they also enjoyed meetings with legal secretaries, judges or lawyers in Luxembourg, some of whom are also former alumni of the College of Europe. 

The students fully enjoyed the interaction with high-level experts, specialised in various areas of law, and the exchange of views on different possible career paths, while of course bonding with each other under the generous sun of Luxembourg and Brussels. 

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