Study trip for the Natolin (Warsaw) students


Sunday 27.02.11 to Friday 04.03.11



The students of the College of Europe, Natolin (Warsaw) campus participated in a study trip to Brussels and Luxemburg from 27 February until 4 March 2011.

The study trip was organized for students of the ‘Governance in the EU’, ‘European Single Market’ and ‘EU as a Global Actor’ majors.

Targeted programmes have been designed for internal majors (European Governance and the Economic Crisis - Political, Legal and Economic Challenges), as well as for the external one (EU External Policies under Lisbon Treaty).

Both programmes include high level visits and conferences with European politicians, officials, think-tank experts and lobbyists. In addition, 27 students of the ‘European Single Market’ major will visit the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg, whereas 35 students of the ‘EU as a Global Actor’ major visit NATO HQ.