Study Trip to Ukraine for students of the “The EU as a Regional Actor” Major (Natolin (Warsaw) campus)


Sunday 13.03.11 to Sunday 20.03.11



Students of the “The EU as a Regional Actor” Major from the Natolin campus (Warsaw) participated in their yearly study trip to Ukraine from the 13th until the 20th of March 2011.

During their three-day long stay in Kiev, followed by two days in L’viv and a final evening in Przemysl in Poland, they benefitted from the contribution of a wide panel of Ukrainian and EU officials, scholars, researchers, professionals and journalists.

The topics dealt with were the evolution of Ukrainian politics, different neighbourhood tools and means of integration as well as Ukraine’s history and culture. Thanks to this wide range of topics addressed the study trip constitutes an illustration of the issues they deal with during their second semester at Natolin.