Visit David Iverson, Public Broadcasting Service producer


Thursday 23.10.08

On 23 October the College of Europe hosted David Iverson, Public Broadcasting Service producer.

An executive producer and anchor of national, regional and local specials for public broadcasting for 30 years. Coordinating producer of the Vice Presidential Debate in 2000 between George Bush and Al Gore.

David Iverson has preview the upcoming presidential elections in his presentation untitled “Elections in the USA: the Back Stage of Campaigns”.

David Iverson about his presentation in the College of Europe Natolin campus:

“Basically, I plan to, I will preview the upcoming presidential election use survey data to look at the issues that matter most to the American voter and examine how the two campaigns have approached those issues and this election. In addition, I'll explore the strategies overall, including how candidates are approaching the key "battleground states" and present examples of the campaign ads each side is using. I will also talk about how attitudes about race and gender may play a role this year. I will take a look at this year's debates, with some history and context about the role debates have played in previous elections. I'll have video examples to show regarding that too. I'll also include some information about the upcoming race for congress.”

Andy Schilling, Cultural and Press Counselor of the Embassy of the United States in Poland, about David Iverson:

„Dave has followed media coverage of presidential elections for years, can present a reel of case studies from past debates – always a fascinating coverage, showing where others have done well or failed in their bids for winning the election.”