10 Oct 2016

Workshop on "The European Council and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Migration Crisis and Beyond"

From 15:00 till 15:00
VE 1.03

Verversdijk, Bruges campus
Verversdijk 16
8000 Brugge

Verversdijk, Bruges campus

The College had the pleasure to host a research workshop dealing with the crucial role of the European Council in the area of Freedom, Security and Justice policies, more specifically targeting the so-called 'migration crisis' and its implications. 

This workshop was chaired by the Rector of the College of Europe, Prof. Dr Dr Jörg MONAR. Participants of the panel were Professor Wolfgang WESSELS, Visiting Professor at the College and one of the most well-known academic experts on the European Council, and Mr Miguel PAPI, Director for Budget and Financial Services at the European Parliament. Brice CRISTOFORETTI, Academic Assistant in the Departement of Political and Administrative Studies, provided comments.

This workshop was organized within the framework of the SUMMIT Jean Monnet's research program. Against the background of the existing research and teaching gap concerning the European Council, SUMMIT aims to contribute to the promotion of European Union studies by providing the latest research-based knowledge of this key institution. The project seeks to disseminate research and teaching experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the European Council by addressing academia, the general public and the educational sector. Concretely and particularly, online learning material is produced, and various transnational seminars for Master students are organized, as well as a public roundtable series all over Europe. More information is available on www.summit.uni-koeln.de.


Workshop on "The European Council and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Migration Crisis and Beyond".10 Oct 2016

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