International Symposium in the framework of the 3R - Three Ukrainian Revolutions Project: "Ten Years of Russia's War against Ukraine. The Long End of the Post-Soviet Era"

On 26 March 2024, the European Civilization Chair at the College of Europe in Natolin hosted the International Symposium "Ten Years of Russia's War against Ukraine. The Long End of the Post-Soviet Era".

The symposium is part of the 3R Project (Three Ukrainian Revolutions), a flagship initiative for Natolin since 2016. Through research, publications, and conferences, the project aims to analyze the current situation in Ukraine and the three most significant protests that have taken place in Ukraine since 1990: the Revolution on Granite (1990), the Orange Revolution (2004-2005), and the Euromaidan Revolution (2013-2014).

Participants of the symposium included:

  • Iryna VERESHCHUK, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories,
  • Kurt VOLKER, Former Ambassador of the United States of America to NATO (2008-2009) and Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations (2017-2019),
  • Olga ONUCH, Professor, University of Manchester,
  • Andrew WILSON, Professor, University College London,
  • Alexandra GOUJON, Professor, University of Burgundy-Franche-Comté,
  • Kataryna WOLCZUK, Professor, College of Europe in Natolin
  • Paweł KOWAL, Professor, Polish Academy of Sciences, Member of the Parliament of Poland (Sejm),
  • Georges MINK, Professor, College of Europe in Natolin,
  • Garry KASPAROV, Founder and Chairman, Renew Democracy Initiative: Russia in the Post-Putin Era,
  • Grigol VASHADZE, Member of the Parliament of Georgia (Sakartvelos P'arlament'i), former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia (2008-2012),
  • Etienne de PONCINS, Ambassador of France to Poland,
  • Pavel LATUSHKA, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management of Belarus,
  • Bartosz CICHOCKI, Former Ambassador of Poland to Ukraine (2019-2023),
  • Andrii DESHCHYTSIA, Former Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland (2014-2022),
  • Žygimantas PAVILIONIS, Member of the Parliament of Lithuania (Seimas),
  • Ernest WYCISZKIEWICZ, Director of the Mieroszewski Centre,
  • Wojciech KONOŃCZUK, Director of the Eastern Studies Centre (OSW),
  • Richard BUTTERWICK-PAWLIKOWSKI, Professor, College of Europe in Natolin
  • Iwona REICHARDT, 3R Team, College of Europe in Natolin

The participants of the conference concentrated on the following topics:

  • Change and continuity in Ukraine after 2014: the first years of the war
  • The West's response to the Euro-Atlantic ambitions of post-Soviet societies. The EU’s Eastern enlargement in the face of ongoing Russian aggression in the region.
  • The response of the international community to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 and beyond

The Three Revolutions 3R Project published three volumes of the project’s research work:

The volumes have been published by the Ibidem Verlag publishing house in its series Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society and are available for purchase via the links above.

At present, the Three Revolutions Project team is working on the fourth volume of the publication titled "The End of the Soviet World". It will address the topic of Ukraine’s independence and statehood building in the context of the full-scale war that the Russian Federation has launched against it in 2022. The planned date of the publication is summer 2024.