Bruges students visited Natolin for the Student Inter-Campus Football Tournament

During the first weekend of March 2017, the Natolin campus welcomed a group of students from the Bruges campus. The delegation, comprised of 34 students including members of the football team, student representatives and members of the Bar Committee, had an unprecedented opportunity to meet with fellow students from the European Interdisciplinary Studies department, experience everyday life at the Natolin campus and discover Warsaw. The main purpose of the visit, the Intercampus Football Tournament, was the first student-led initiative of this kind in the history of the College of Europe.

The idea of this joint project was conceived and successfully executed thanks to the close cooperation between three students: Mr Cosme DEL OLMO from the European Legal Studies department, Ms Aleksandra BRODOWSKA and Mr Javier LÓPEZ from the European Interdisciplinary Studies department. The main objective behind the match was to celebrate our diversity, foster intra-institutional integration and to encourage team building.

The outcome of the event went beyond the initial expectations and turned out to be one of the most enjoyable weekends in the academic year so far. While the game was won by the team representing the Bruges campus, the feeling of friendship and shared objectives was inspirational for all participating students of the Keynes Promotion from both campuses.

Bruges students visiting Natolin for the Inter-Campus Football Tournament. 5 March 2017

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