Faculty & staff

The Department of European Political and Governance Studies relies on high-level academics and professionals to offer our students an intellectually stimulating and professionally enriching academic offer. Our professors come from numerous European and non-EU countries with diverse academic and professional backgrounds to ensure the highest academic standards on a broad range of topics.

L. to R.: Alexia FAFARA, Olivier COSTA, Andrea SABATINI, Michele CHANG, Frederik MESDAG, Eva GERLAND, Thijs VANDENBUSSCHE, Rachele TESEI, Laura PIERRET

The Department is directed by Prof. Olivier COSTA (FR), assisted by Prof. Michele CHANG (US), and by a team of six young and dynamic academic assistants: Alexia FAFARA (FR/PL), Eva GERLAND (FR), Frederik MESDAG (BE), Laura PIERRET (FR/ES), Rachele TESEI (IT), Andrea SABATINI (IT) and Thijs VANDENBUSSCHE (BE).

43 visiting professors teach our courses and workshops.