Natolin Digital and Security Nest

Mentor: Mr Olaf OSICA

Focus of the Nest in 2022-2023: Digital revolution impact upon international security

The emergence of technologies such as drones, autonomous robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cyber and biotechnologies has stimulated worldwide debates on their use, risks and benefits in both the civilian and the security-related fields. While recent technological developments, such as AI, robotics and automation, have the potential to transform international relations in positive ways, they also pose challenges to peace and security and raise new ethical, legal and political questions about the use of power and the role of humans in war and conflict.

The Digital and Security Nest will provide students with an opportunity to learn and discuss key aspects of the digital revolution's impact upon international security, strategy, state and the role of (non)state actors from a European perspective. Leading themes include:

  • How does the digital revolution impacts state foreign and security strategies? 

  • Legal and ethical aspects of the digital revolution.  

  • European security in the digital age.