Alumni Association - New President!

On Tuesday 26 May, the Alumni Association elected a new President, Marie Jeanne dos Santos (John Locke promotion, 2003/2004).

"I am grateful for the trust you have placed in me and would like to express my sincere thanks for all the support received from friends and fellow Anciens. The Board and I now have a lot of work ahead of us and quite a challenge, but we are motivated! We will start a consultation process very soon to know what the Anciens expect from their Association", she said.

The following Anciens were also elected to the Board: Fabien Durand, Andras Baneth, François Becquart, Anthony Bisch, Christopher Burghardt, Charles Canonne, Gonzague de Waresquiel, Nicolo Gasparini, Innocenzo Maria Genna, Kerstin Hötzel, Oliver Jung, Daniel Linotte, Lieven Tack and Mirko Widenhorn, thus joining Antoine Feral, Charles Florin, Bruno Jean-Etienne, Kingson Lim and Manuel Szapiro on the Board.