Call for Papers: Chapters for first volume of the publication "Three Revolutions. Between mobilization and change"

Following the International Symposium "Three Revolutions: Portraits of Ukraine" held at the College of Europe Natolin campus on 28 February – 1 March 2017, the Three Revolutions Project invites interested authors to send their proposed presentations, based on current unpublished research, for the final book publication.

The primary focus of the book is on the three Ukrainian Revolutions as we have defined them: the Revolution on Granite (1990), the Orange Revolution (2004-2005) and the Revolution of Dignity (2013-2014). The publication will show that there are similarities of the three protest actions, commonly referred to as "The Maidan", but which go well beyond the main square in Kyiv. The three revolutions reveal a certain resemblance in terms of form and methods used, but also – importantly – the participation of the same people. All these factors indicate a certain continuation of the revolutionary experience which can be observed in modern Ukraine and this is the primary topic of the book.

We are currently seeking chapter proposals which offer an analysis and discussion on the following aspects of the protests in Ukraine:

  • Linguistic dimension of the protests;
  • Iconographic presentation of the protests;
  • The role of religion in post-Soviet Ukraine and during three revolutions;
  • International reaction and perception of the protests in Ukraine abroad;
  • Protest in Ukraine vs other coloured revolutions on the post-Soviet space;
  • Influence of Russian propaganda;
  • Protest outcomes (national and international levels).

Please note that other relevant topics will also be considered.

We are seeking contributions that are based on empirical research or which are the result of theoretical analysis. While selecting the submitted material we will give preference to proposals that offer unique, in-depth and well-researched analyses.

In order to be considered for the book publication, please submit abstracts in English by email to:

Final papers may be written in one of the following languages: English, Polish, Russian or Ukrainian.

  • Deadline for abstract submissions (300 words) – 15 November 2017 
  • Deadline for paper submissions (10,000 words) – 15 February 2018

Please note that the editorial committee will contact only the authors of the works that they select.

For guidelines on references and footnotes please visit this website.

Envisioned date of publication: end-2018