The College of Europe delegation for SPECQUE 2015

Founded in 1998, la SPECQUE has now become the largest Francophone simulation of the European Parliament. It allows the emergence of a dynamic international network of students, intending to play an important role in our society. It also allows participants to develop their public speaking skills, their sense of initiative and negotiation. Moreover, la SPECQUE contributes to a better understanding of European democracy worldwide.

The members of our delegation are : Marta PABIAN, Christy Ann PETIT, Yago GOMEZ-REINO HERRERO, Enrico GUNTHER et Samuel VERSCHRAEGEN. They come from five different countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Poland as well as from different departments of the College of Europe.

We strongly believe that thanks to their experiences and their deep understanding of the institutional and legal system of the European Union, they will be able to well represent our institution.

To contact the delegation members : specque.bruges [at]