College of Europe thanks Baillet Latour Fund for its longstanding support

Since 2008 the Baillet Latour Fund has generously supported the establishment and development of the study of EU-China relations in the Department of EU International Relations an Diplomacy Studies at the College of Europe. This sponsoring arrangement, comprising the Baillet Latour Chair of European Union-China Relations (2008-20) and the EU-China Research Centre (2014-20) has, as foreseen, come to an end. It included the positions of a Chairholder, a Research Assistant and Research Fellow, as well as financial support for research-related travel, conferences, publications and a student scholarship. The Chair was held by Professor Jing MEN, who also directed the Centre, developing an impressive number of activities that have enriched the academic life at the College and contributed to a better understanding of EU-China relations. The College of Europe is most grateful to the Baillet Latour Fund for its longstanding, exceptional support that made all this possible.

Baillet Latour Chair of EU-China Relations & EU-China Research Centre (retrospective)