The Congress of Vienna, 1815 – Simulation Game by Prof. Richard BUTTERWICK-PAWLIKOWSKI

On Monday, 26 April 2021, the students of the College of Europe in Natolin had the opportunity to participate in an interesting stimulation game as part of the class Geopolitics and Diplomacy in Europe: From Constantinople to Rome delivered by Professor Richard BUTTERWICK-PAWLIKOWSKI.

The aim of the stimulation game "The Congress of Vienna, 1815" was not to replicate the 'real' Treaty resulting from the Congress of Vienna, but rather to better understand both the issues at stake for those involved at the Congress and the challenge of finding a suitable resolution to two decades of upheaval in Europe.

In the stimulation game participated twenty-one students who represented: the Austrian, Russian, Prussian, British and French delegations.





The simulation game was organized following all COVID-19 regulations and sanitary measures enacted by the local laws, as well as the recommendations of the World Health Organization.