The delivery of language courses and intercultural workshops at Natolin earns students' praise

The Languages and Intercultural Dialogue Office (LIDO) delivered around 600 hours of language tuition during this autumn semester, both through regular courses and tutorials. Most of this teaching took place during in-person meetings and classes.

When preparing and delivering their classes in the autumn semester, our language professors were able to build up on the know-how and experience that they gathered this spring. They were therefore able to begin the academic year of the Soares Promotion with a deep understanding of effective course delivery and facilitation techniques.

Where it was necessary or required, students could participate in on-site lessons via a Zoom connection from their rooms. The LIDO team will continue to explore technology-assisted lesson delivery modes to provide language instruction both to those who can come to class and to those who need to participate remotely.

Our language professors have also started delivering intercultural and linguocultural workshops this academic year. They are fully optional events which explore the interplay between language and culture.

Two workshops that have already taken place looked at phraseological units with ethnonyms and Esperanto and were positively received by those who took part. Based on participants' feedback, the College of Europe in Natolin might extend the workshops even further to form a dedicated reading group, which could explore the topic in more detail under the guidance of the office’s academic team.

We are very happy to share below some anonymous student feedback taken from our survey:

“Thank you. Your team is absolutely great and your passion is immense!”

“Outstanding teachers! Thank you so much […].”

“Teachers are extremely good, well-prepared and use different materials and techniques. I am really really satisfied […].”

“Thank you very much for offering this workshop! Looking forward to the next one!”