Dr Andriy TYUSHKA co-edited a new book: "States, International Organizations and Strategic Partnerships"

Dr Andriy TYUSHKA, Research Fellow in the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair at the College of Europe in Natolin, has published with Edward Elgar a co-edited volume on strategic partnerships in International Relations theory and practice. The volume titled States, International Organizations and Strategic Partnerships provides a cutting-edge theoretical account on the idea of strategic partnerships in IR theory and foreign policy analysis as well as a number of theory-informed empirical insights into the emergence and functioning of strategic partnerships forged by the European Union, NATO, ASEAN and the Andean Community with great and small powers alike including i.a. the US, China, Russia, India, Brazil, Georgia and Ukraine.

Framed by the mixed-methods research strategy as well as essentially drawing on software-supported content analysis and statistical hypothesis testing, this book empirically explores fourteen of the most-diverse case studies of strategic partnerships worldwide and tests a number of advanced scholarly propositions on the notion, including the strategic rationale of partnerships, partner selection patterns as well as cooperation sustainability in view of internal and external challenges that strategic partnerships – as forms of foreign-political assertiveness, bilateral alignment and structured international engagement – face in twenty-first century politics.