EU International Relations & Diplomacy Studies: Simulation Game 2014 video and pictures

One of the most exciting parts of the EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies programme is the course ‘Simulation Game: EU Response to Security Threats. This year the simulation game took place from Monday 3 to Friday 7 February 2014.

In this week-long simulation exercise students were confronted with the challenge of finding a collective European response to a serious security crisis.

This year’s hypothetical scenario recreated a crisis in Libya, based on the context of the approaching third anniversary of the Libyan revolution on 17 February. Although based on real past developments, the scenario’s ‘real-time’ events and facts discussed during the exercise purely served training purposes.

Students played the role of either a national delegation or an institutional body of the EU.


In this role, they negotiated a response to the crisis using the institutional framework and mechanisms provided by the Lisbon Treaty, building on established rules and practices in the field of EU crisis management.


And check out the official video of the simulation game here: